Top 8 reasons why social media is important for your business

9th February 2015 Jay Shah Internet Marketing, Social Media 0 Comments

social-mediaSocial media plays a critical role in driving website traffic and in ranking higher in the search engines. The tremendous growth experienced by social media networks over the past few years and their popularity with users who can access them both via their computers and mobile phones has made this a critical part of an online business’ marketing strategy. After all, a business must build its presence in its market and this is best achieved by being where the market is.

Here are top reasons why social media is important for your business.

  1. Social media presence humanises the business. Social media networking sites offer businesses the opportunity to engage with their market on their home ground in an informal setting. It gives them a chance to zero in on what their audience wants, find out what they think about the brand and tailor their products or services accordingly for mutual benefit. Consumers also look up to a brand that is in tune with the latest technology and sees it as responsive when they connect across social media.

  2. Higher search engine traffic and rankings. Google has made it very clear that social media sharing is an important factor in ranking websites. The more your content is shared the better, especially if your main keywords and brand names are included in your social media profiles and website.

  3. Being active on social media by engaging with your audience on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and others with regularly updated content that invites interaction can attract social media traffic.

  4. Search engine optimisation link building is another benefit of social media. When you post to social media bookmarking sites, it encourages people to share and link to you. Incoming links that add value to your web pages help increase the credibility factor for your website, establishing it as a trustworthy source of information.

  5. Social media’s biggest benefit is the ability to reach a massive audience, thereby increasing brand exposure. Constant pressure promotes brand recall, motivating prospects to buy and become loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

  6. One of the most important aspects that determine a business’s success is its reputation in the market. Social media helps manage and control any negative information about the brand and also helps the business rectify any negative impressions.

  7. By being active and posting regular status updates and information, businesses can increase their customer base. This can be done by promoting their brand applications or apps that “fans” and “followers” can download and share with their friends.

  8. Social media sites facilitate niche marketing, allowing businesses to target the exact demographic and location related to their business. The marketing strategy and message can then be customised to appeal to the target audience for greater success.

The fact is, people spend a lot of time on social media, both from work as well as in their leisure time, thanks to mobile phones. They enjoy sharing opinions, seek information and go by peer reviews. It has become imperative for businesses to recognise the goldmine that is social media and leverage it for their benefit as well as their market, creating a win-win situation.

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