Month: July, 2020

21 Jul

4 Easy Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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The Power of LinkedIn cannot be underestimated. Ensuring you stand out for all the right reasons is key to impressing potential employers from the start. We have determined four easy, key tips that will help your LinkedIn profile stand out in a crowd.

13 Jul

The Power of LinkedIn

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Endless scrolling on Instagram, digesting questionable news on Twitter and watching dog videos on loop on Facebook fills a lot of our spare time in 2020 but one social media platform that should always be taken seriously is the professional networking site, LinkedIn. Users can post summaries of all their previous work experience, showcase their academic achievements and give insight to the person they are through their certifications and volunteering experiences.  

06 Jul

5 reasons why service-based businesses should use Instagram for business growth in 2020

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There is a common misconception that service-based businesses have no need for Instagram. This is not the case! So, why should a service-based business use Instagram to build up a larger client base, and how can this be achieved?

04 Jul

Mindfulness and COVID-19: Mind Over Matter In The Digital World

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Mindfulness definitionTaking time for self-care has never been more necessary than in the middle of a pandemic. Whilst constantly being told to get used to the new normal, as creatures of habit we have all struggled with the dramatically different reality we have lived for the last few months. This has led to people turning to alternative therapies, such as mindfulness practices, to deal with stresses they have not encountered before or deal with heightened emotions whilst our normal forms of therapy, both clinical and social, have not been readily available.

03 Jul

Top 3 reasons why Writing a Blog can Increase Audience Engagement

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Writing a blog may seem daunting at first, however, there are MANY benefits to including a blog on your website. Not only can you write about your passions within the industry, but you can also interact with your consumer base, increase audience engagement and ultimately form a loyal online community.

This easy guide will get you motivated to start writing immediately. Once you realise how the simple act of writing a blog can change the entire outlook of your business, you will wish you had started sooner!

02 Jul

What Will The Digital Healthcare Industry Look Like By 2030?

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Technology has caused a vast change to almost every facet of life in the modern day, and this also applies to the healthcare industry. It has always created new openings for cures and prevention, but how is technology going to impact the digital healthcare industry in the foreseeable future? Here we look into the future of healthcare & the constantly evolving technology being used in meet patients needs.

01 Jul

How To Use Social Media During Lockdown To Grow Your Brand

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Recently, Chits UK welcomed students from the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School to join us on a short work experience placement. As part of the programme, the students engaged in SEO optimised blog writing to build on their knowledge around the sector of Healthcare Marketing. In the blog below, Remy Sanders explores the methods businesses can take to grow their brands using social media during lockdown.