The way to a buyer’s heart is through intelligent marketing. Especially read at the end why User Behaviour tracking is important.

13th February 2021 Jay Shah Branding, Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Websites 0 Comments

Another major holiday is approaching, and we are starting to see more and more content around it, there are Valentine’s Day deals, offers and puns. Businesses are trying to come up with the best, most catchy, eye-grabbing ideas to draw our attention to their products in hopes to boost their revenue?

You may wonder why this is.

Finder predicts that in the year 2021 Valentine’s Day spending is going to be £926 million. [Source:]

One reason for the increased focus on trends and public holidays is that we all tend to engage more with things which are relevant to the season.

Why intelligent marketing is a key in future?

Today, in our virtual reality

  • We are more likely to click on posts and engage with content which we are more inclined to connect.
  • We feel more engaged in something that has a meaning for us, and we have an opinion about.
  • Ads of products & services which grabs our attention, and we feel like it has added some kind of value to our understanding, beliefs or values.


Intelligent online marketing strategies do not end here…

Where in the past we relied solely on psychological and sentimental triggers, today through the use of algorithms and machine learning technologies we are able to put our content closer to the reader / the buyer we are targeting by having a big data and statistics on hand. For example:


Have you come across sponsored Ads that follows you?

The way machine learning and re-marketing on search engines and social channels work is that they boost interest based posts which are most relevant and are considered to have the strongest sentimental connection to the trend at hand.

Search Algorithms today are designed to calculate the value content will have for the potential reader and based on that appear in their feed and invite them to engage.

Have you setup User Behaviour tracking on your website or landing pages?

The business benefits from keeping us on their landing pages for as long as they can so they are doing everything they can to understand our behaviour as people and individuals. For example technologies now a days can video record your mouse movements and your entire journey from start to exit.

This is how user behaviour combines with automation technologies today to support business marketing strategies and the right content is put in front of the targeted individual, the individual that is most likely to spend money on the product or service offered.

User behaviour tracking helps you learn and apply intelligent, relevant and engaging content

Putting together marketing content is getting more and more sophisticated because the awareness of internet user are increasing. Nobody likes pushy adverts anymore and as such, understanding human behaviour & utilising social channels to do so may be the most subtle and artistic way of attracting and retaining customers.

At Chits UK we keep our seasonal campaigns simple and easy yet effective for both our clients and our client’s client. It may sound as if it is expected but we are grateful to our team of marketing experts who adds a lot of value in the background when it comes to power thinking and coming up with creative strategies, execution and results driven plans.

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