5 reasons why service-based businesses should use Instagram for business growth in 2020

6th July 2020 Katie Preston Whyte Internet Marketing Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , 1 Comment

There is a common misconception that service-based businesses have no need for Instagram. This is not the case! So, why should a service-based business use Instagram to build up a larger client base, and how can this be achieved?

  1. The world has quickly gone online

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Statistics from Hootsuite show that 1 billion people use Instagram every month with 200 million of those users visiting at least one business profile daily. Due to Covid-19 businesses have quickly needed to discover new ways of being able to engage wIG1ith new audiences like never before. The transfer to Instagram marketing has clearly been monumental in businesses being able to keep their clients and potential clients engaged with their services. Like it or not, Instagram marketing will be the
best way to market your brand in 2020.

  1. You don’t need to produce your own visuals

As a service-based business you may be lacking in visual content. To save time you can post stock photography. You can still recreate your brand whilst upholding professionalism by not even taking a single picture. Moreover, graphics are a great way to incorporate digital art in the form of quotes, reviews or any type of promotional material. An app I thoroughIG2ly recommend to enhance your Instagram aesthetic is Canva. It is easy to use and tailored to help you maximise your Instagram potential. To learn more check out: The Essential Instagram Strategy for Service-Based Business by Ivorymix.com 

  1. The most significant social media trend for 2020 is Instagram Stories.

Stories increase interactivity with followers and people visiting your page. Interactive features such as polls, Q&A’s and behind the scenes content will help your followers feel more engaged within your business. Stories are also a great way to personalise your business and can be a way to bring clients and followers closer to your brand whilst providing the content necessary to them. To learn more about the importance of stories I recommend: The 5 main reasons as to why stories are a must.

  1. Direct Engagement with potential clients

Even though you may offer an email service that helps to answer any questions any potential clients may have, Instagram can provide a more informal, open way of being able to answer any questions. People are able to comment on photos and message your page directly in a nonformal setting making conversation easier between you and a potential client for you to sell your brand.IG3

  1. The Power of hashtags in 2020

Hashtags are so important for making sure your brand reaches the right audience. A hashtag is responsible for categorising photos and videos. Every industry requires different types of hashtags. In order to be successful via Instagram the content you post neds to regular with hashtags relevant to your industry. That way, there is more of a chance of reaching a wider audience. For more information on hashtags check out: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram in 2020.

Instagram for business growth

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