Month: February, 2021

13 Feb

The way to a buyer’s heart is through intelligent marketing. Especially read at the end why User Behaviour tracking is important.

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Another major holiday is approaching, and we are starting to see more and more content around it, there are Valentine’s Day deals, offers and puns. Businesses are trying to come up with the best, most catchy, eye-grabbing ideas to draw our attention to their products in hopes to boost their revenue?

You may wonder why this is.

Finder predicts that in the year 2021 Valentine’s Day spending is going to be £926 million. [Source:]

One reason for the increased focus on trends and public holidays is that we all tend to engage more with things which are relevant to the season.

08 Feb

Google Ads to phase out Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keywords type by July 2021

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On 4th Feb 2021 Google announced their plan to phase out Broad Match Modifier keywords type.

This brought in a lot of speculation within the industry, and questions arose:

  • How will Broad Match Modified keywords be affected?
  • What will the impact be on current campaigns?
  • Will the whole strategy of our clients have to change?
  • And, what will be the repercussions for the market?

Before diving into answering any of these questions, it’s important to understand what actually is “Broad Match Modifier”, or BMM.