Top 3 reasons why Writing a Blog can Increase Audience Engagement

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Writing a blog may seem daunting at first, however, there are MANY benefits to including a blog on your website. Not only can you write about your passions within the industry, but you can also interact with your consumer base, increase audience engagement and ultimately form a loyal online community.

This easy guide will get you motivated to start writing immediately. Once you realise how the simple act of writing a blog can change the entire outlook of your business, you will wish you had started sooner!

Here are the top 3 reasons writing a blog can increase audience engagement:


  1. Drive traffic to your website

Writing a blog on your website encourages clients to keep returning to discover the latest articles. Along with improving audience engagement, blog posting drives traffic to your website and activity on the website will increase the chance of new consumers converting into leads (conversion rate). Take a look at this article to check out your current conversion rate and watch it increase as your blog takes off!

Writing a Blog to Increase Audience Engagement


  1. Establish Thought Leadership within your Industry

Blogs allow you to write posts on a wide range of topics and get creative with the style and length. Establishing yourself as a thought leader informs consumers, of your expertise within your area of interest, and can increase conversion rate. Whilst sharing quick updates and promotions on social media is very effective, blogs allow you to write more detailed posts on new findings or interesting techniques used within your practice. An excellent way to show your consumers and others interested in the industry your high level of knowledge and competence! Additionally, this is an excellent method to spread brand awareness and build a good online reputation.

writing a Blog in order to Increase Audience Engagement


  1. Build a community with your customer base

Connect with other industry experts or enthusiasts and collaborate to deliver unique content. By being an active member of a community, you can develop a stronger relationship with your customers and build up loyalty. A blog is also a very interactive platform, allowing your community to comment on your posts and start discussions about current matters within your industry. By blogging you are creating and adding value to your community, thereby attracting people to your brand, through providing thoughtful and original content. This technique is known as Inbound Marketing and is a sure found way to increase audience engagement effectively.

writing a Blog in order to Increase Audience Engagement


There are many more positives to writing a blog, however, these 3 reasons alone prove how important blogging is in order to increase your audience engagement. If your client base is well informed and you keep them in the loop of your latest adventures, they are sure to be happy customers. Check out this informative article on types of blog posts to get started on yours today.

Building online authority within a certain specialism will allow your community of consumers to develop trust in your brand faster, and ultimately lead to higher engagement and happier customers!

If all of this seems a little overwhelming to you, don’t worry! Chits UK is here for you to provide support, ideas and the tips and tricks needed for your blog to be an absolute success!

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