3 Tips On Adapting To The ‘New Normal’

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Week 9 of #stayathome and now people are asking the question: will this be the new normal?
With over two-thirds of the UK working population now adopting a remote working model, it is likely many businesses will move to this model permanently. However, how do businesses adapt to this new normal era?
Here are 3 suggestions we have for successfully managing your business whilst at home and using this remote-time effectively

1. Focus on the jobs you previously didn’t have time for:
Now could the best time to sort your accounts, build your brand and most importantly, define your online presence. At Chits, we have used this down-period to bring our team together, work in harmony and increase our creative output.
We tasked ourselves with re-designing and launching a new website and online presence. With fewer distractions from home, we managed to design, develop & publish our new company website in a record time of 2 WEEKS. Why not use this period to do the same for your business?
2. Engage the online audience:
With so many people working from home & online, there has been a significant expansion in the online market. Companies such as BT are reporting weekday daytime traffic increases of 35-60% on their networks and social media websites such as Instagram are reporting a 76% increase in usage (read more here).
This points to new markets and increased online business opportunities. Therefore, as a successful business, the new normal is the time to invest in your marketing. Use this time to grow and reach new audiences through innovative marketing strategies and using online platforms.
3. Make life easier for your customers:
Now more than ever, customers want a user friendly and intuitive experience when visiting you online. The days of face to face meetings are on hold, now the new normal requires businesses to innovate and incorporate professional video conference systems to communicate with customers. However, some of these systems come with a vast amount of admin work to schedule, run conference calls & integrate into your business.
Our solution is to automate, innovate and overcome.
Systems such as our BookEasy platform allow you to meet your customers without worrying about the admin involved in scheduling meetings. Therefore, we suggest you look for automated online solutions for your business to keep your customers engaged and reap the benefits of a much bigger online market share.
As always, if you would like to review our suite of online solutions please reach out at info@chitswebsite.co.uk or review our Innovation lab here.
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