How can we improve teamwork skills amongst NHS doctors?

19th June 2020 Abhinaya Chandrashekar Internet Marketing 0 Comments

Doctors are required to work in teams every day at every stage in their careers. The art of teamwork in the NHS needs to be developed from the early stages of training, in order to minimise fragmentation of care and its detrimental impact on patients. However, the training system that produces future doctors often overlooks the importance of collaboration.

From personal experience, we are largely taught to train individually but practice in the workforce as team players. How is this possible without honing the right skills?

Recently, I worked with a colleague to delve into this topic further. Our training in Management at Imperial shed light on how the undergraduate curriculum must be reshaped to embed teamwork within its principles. We strove to understand challenges of implementing this, and most importantly, how we can overcome these challenges to improve care for our patients.

Feel free to explore this research further here:

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