Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Mental and Brain Health Consultants and Specialists

Having a website and mobile applications is important for any mental health practice. One in four British adults have at least one mental health problem in any one year, making mild to moderate psychological problems very common. Many people affected by mental health conditions will seek help via the Internet.

43% of the adult population use the Internet to search for medical information and some use it to find a doctor in the speciality they need. As a result, the Internet is a valuable tool for promoting medical services to patients.

Chits will demonstrate how you can use the Internet to promote your mental and brain health practice by:

Creating a Consultant/Clinic Website

Your website is a showcase for your mental health practice where potential patients can read about the treatments you offer and get a feel for the ethos of your clinic.

Your website can also be an educational resource for those affected by mental health issues. Publishing a library of information on various conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder and post-natal depression will both inform the public and encourage them to re-visit your site. Repeat visitors are more likely to make enquiries about your service and more likely to make an appointment.

Creating a Mobile App

Chits will create your own mobile app to help with the diagnosis of your patients or administrative procedures for your clinic. Mental health mobile apps can also be used by the patient to monitor their feelings or relieve stress. Examples of mental health apps include mindfulness meditation, moodbug mood sharing app, and self-help for anxiety.

Having an Online Advertising Campaign

Using Google Adwords can drive people to your site. Pay per click advertisements work by using phrases that consumers are using to find mental health services. When an interested person clicks on the advert, it will then link to your site.

Email Marketing

An automated email marketing campaign can be used for your current patients to communicate news and special offers such as reduced cost counselling sessions. This method of marketing can also be targeted at people with an interest in your field of medicine.

To benefit from digital marketing experience and expertise for your practice, contact Chits UK, professional healthcare marketing specialists since 2004.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.