Our Team

Nitesh Joshi

Nitesh Joshi

Do’er of all

I don’t do much... I just pass it down to them!

Viktoria Stoykova

Viktoria Stoykova & Team

“Give me work” Manager

Projects, deadlines, deliveries... and Chits Health... I look after all!

Jay Shah

Jay Shah & Team

Pictures & Numbers

Talk to me about conversion, analytics, metrics, UX, adwords & ROI... I am here to help!

Chinmayi Joshi

Chinmayi Joshi & Team

WhatsApp, Facebooking, LinkedIn to Tweets & Google My Business Specialist

Don’t understand likes, posts and other social gobbledygook... Skype me!

Rahul Joshi

Rahul Joshi & Team

Geek / Nerd

I love PHP, binary, coding and all internet languages.

echo base64_decode(”Q29tZSB0byBtZSB3aGVuIHlvdSBhcmUgdGVjaG5pY2FsbHkgY2hhbGxlbmdlZCBhbmQgSSBjYW4gaGVscA==”);

Come to me when you are technically challenged and I can help
Vivek Jaiswal

Vivek Jaiswal & Team

Position 1 Manager

Want to be no. 1 on Google searches... Speak to Shushant!

Renny Gohil

Renny Gohil

Cuh... Cuh... Coder

I am not a heartburn tablet. I make device friendly, browser friendly designs into HTML.

Shushant Peshkar

Shushant Peshkar

Position 1 Deputy

I do all the work for Vivek... Never have time to do mine!



Pound & Pence Caretaker

Talk to me about brexit, nuclear fission, tropisn & I can’t help you but pounds, dollars, euros are right up my street.