Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Marketing Solutions for Private Health Insurance Companies

If you manage a health insurance company and you’d like to promote your business better, Chits UK is the digital marketing specialist to turn to.

We can design an insurance website for you. You don’t need to know anything about computers. Our talented web designers can create a complete site with lots of features:

  • Insurance themed graphics
  • Information pages on the different insurance policies you offer and the different levels of cover
  • Get a quote app so your web viewers can get a quote on the cost of their policy or have you call them to discuss it
  • Shopping cart app so customers can buy a private health insurance policy online
  • Email service so they can contact you out of hours
  • Prominent display of your helpline number throughout the site
  • Designed featuring customer testimonials
  • Responsive design – your site will be designed to display correctly on any media. Mobile websites can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, iPads and other devices without the need for excessive scrolling and re-sizing. This means that potential customers can look at your site while on their lunch break at work or in the doctor’s waiting room. This will increase the number of visitors to the site and this should translate into more enquiries and more sales
  • Search engine optimisation – Your website can be SEO optimised and include keywords and phrases that people are likely to use when searching for health insurance services.

Adaptable Digital to Print Advertisements

We can also create eye catching digital to print advertisements that can be used in your email marketing campaigns, online and in print media such as magazines and newspapers.

Online Advertisements

We can create online pay per click adverts through Google Adwords. These keyword filled adverts display for search terms that potential customers are most likely to use to find private health insurance. Then when the person clicks on the ad, it links directly to your website.

Insurance Blogging

We can use Twitter, Facebook and other forums to promote your insurance company. Blog posts containing news from the industry, customer testimonials and special offers from your company will gain followers and this will translate into more sales.

For more information on promoting your private healthcare insurance business, contact Chits UK.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.