Healthcare Marketing

Effective marketing strategies for healthcare professionals

What is healthcare marketing?

Healthcare marketing is the implementation of effective marketing strategies for healthcare professionals such as general practitioners, consultants and surgeons. It is utilised by hospitals and clinics both within the NHS and the private sector to advance public health campaigns and to attract more patients to a particular healthcare setting.

Having an effective medical marketing plan can increase referrals and appointments, build stronger doctor-patient relationships, increase uptake of treatments and improve patient retention rates. Healthcare marketing campaigns are usually multi-faceted to deliver a greater impact.

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Creating an online presence

An online presence is essential for every consultant / clinic as patients now search online for the services they require. The successful healthcare website is interactive and contains regularly updated health information available at the click of a button. The modern patient is far more involved in his own healthcare and in decision making than previous generations of patient and most patients will access health information online before choosing their medical practitioner. Ensuring your potential customer keeps coming back to your site again and again for trusted information will build a loyal customer base and keep your clinic busy.

Responsive Websites

Having a great website isn’t just about design. Your healthcare marketing consultant should also make sure that your website is mobile friendly so that potential customers can access it while on the move using their mobile phone or tablet device – a factor that should increase your appointments.

Creating a strong brand identity

Creating a strong and concise message about your clinic brand will get the message across to your potential customers more clearly as it represents what your practice stands for.

Harnessing social media

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for idle gossip. They are an excellent platform to promote your practice. Posting health information on social media sites will gain you followers who may be prompted to make an appointment. Referrals will also be increased by word of mouth or friend and family recommendation.


Social media sites also offer other promotional opportunities such as pay per click advertising using keywords about your practice or specialist modality. When a potential customer clicks on the advert, it will then link to your consultant website.

These are just some of the ways that healthcare marketing can help you develop your medical business and increase your profits as well as improving patient health.

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