Genito-Urinary Medicine

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Genito-Urinary Specialists

If you have a genito-urinary clinic and you’d like to make it more prominent to the public, Chits UK can help you attract more patients and more follow up bookings.

We are digital marketing specialists with a focus on professional healthcare marketing, and we assist healthcare professionals in promoting their practices and improving the health of their patients.

Why is Medical Marketing so Important?

Medical marketing is important because nearly every person owns a computer or smartphone, and the majority of people use the Internet every day. Many people search the web to look up medical symptoms or find solutions to their conditions. Some will search for a doctor in a specific field of medicine or they will even look online for doctor reviews to see how their doctor is rated by other people. That is why it is vital to have a positive online presence in addition to good doctor-patient communication skills.

Since the Internet is so popular, it also provides an opportunity for medical businesses to publicise their services.

What Chits Can Do For You

Website Design – Our talented website designers can create a consultant/clinic website for you, with lots of features including medically themed graphics, visually appealing infographics, a patient library of information on a variety of genito-urinary disorders, email contact service for patients, video content showing GU treatments or clinic facilities, doctor blogs and more.

Mobile Websites – Your website could be designed to be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, which will increase your web visitors and appointments.

SEO Optimisation – Search engine optimisation uses keywords and phrases to find potential customers who are searching for those phrases and it helps raise the ranking of your website so it comes up high in the Google search results page.

Email Marketing – A targeted email marketing campaign can be used to send both useful information and potential offers to current patients or past enquirers who may be interested in your service.

Brand Development – Our project managers can design a strong logo and brand identification for your services so that the public will recognise what your practice offers.

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Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.