Digital Marketing Solutions for the Vascular Surgeon
Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Cardiologists and Vascular Specialists

If you’re a vascular surgeon needing more clients for your practice, Chits UK – professional healthcare marketing experts – can help you.

The majority of people use the Internet every day and searching for health information online is one of the most popular activities. It’s cheap, quick and the person has access to medical journals and other complex data that was once solely reserved for researchers. If the person’s medical problem is intimate, they can also read about it without asking friends or family. This is good news for doctors who can use the Internet to provide reputable health advice for patients and to showcase their services.

Some of the IT solutions available from the Chits team include:

  • Consultant or clinic website design – fully customised to reflect the aims and objectives of your practice. Your website can contain medical information - for instance, diseases of the veins and arteries, vascular surgery, minimally invasive catheter procedures and surgical reconstruction. It could also have vascular themed graphics, attractive and informative infographics to break up the text and make the site easier to read and videos of therapeutic treatments for vascular disorders.
  • Mobile friendly technology – Chits sites can be mobile-friendly websites that can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.
  • Site hosting and technical support – so you don’t have to ‘run’ your site yourself and can focus on the job of patient care.
  • Internet marketing – We can search engine optimise (SEO) your site with appropriate keywords to make it easier for your potential patients to find you. We can also help you with social media management such as creating your professional blog which can be promoted through Facebook, Twitter or other forum. This serves as advertising for your practice and will increase the number of patients you can reach.
  • Medical App Design – We can design and develop your own medical application, for instance, for booking new patients in or monitoring their symptoms. We can formulate apps for your website too, such as an application for a photo gallery or a bill payment facility.

If you would like to discuss starting your own Internet marketing campaign for your vascular clinic, call Chits UK today.