Your Mental Health - Psychiatry Website Could Save Lives
Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Psychiatrists

Mental health problems affect young people more than any other group. In fact, young people are also the most common age range to use the Internet frequently. The majority of young people use the Internet to communicate with each other and over 38% have used it to search for mental health information online, regardless of whether they have a mental illness.

One in four adults has a mental illness in any one year. Sadly, for some of those affected, mental illness can have serious consequences. In 2004, 5,500 people died as a result of suicide. Having information and support online may help to prevent some of these deaths, by giving people knowledge and putting them in touch with experts who can help them.

That’s why every psychiatry practice should have a website. Chits UK are Internet specialists who can help you get your services to the most vulnerable people who need them most. Our professional healthcare marketing consultants can design a website that empowers the viewer and makes it easy for them to book an appointment with you.

Features of our fully responsive websites include:

  • A library of information about psychiatric disorders and the treatments for them
  • Regularly updated psychiatric news and research
  • 24/7 email service so potential patients can contact you
  • Online messenger or video link service to a counsellor or other professional
  • Helpline telephone number prominently featured throughout the site
  • Online new patient booking forms or online appointment booking facility
  • Embedded videos – for instance, featuring testimonials from patients who have been successfully treated
  • Adaptive layout – Chits design mobile websites so your client can view the site on a phone, tablet or iPad and can connect with your practice whenever the need arises.

We can also help you reach out to people in need by placing search engine optimised banner advertisements online. These ads will use keywords that are most likely to be used to search for mental health topics. When a web viewer clicks on your advertisement, he or she will be linked to your consultant website.

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