Technology for Healthcare: Promoting Your Innovations

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Technology Specialists

If you work in healthcare technology, developing new therapies for patients and restoring their function through the use of physical interventions such as prosthetic limbs and implants, and you would like medical authorities and community care agencies to know more about the work you do, Chits UK can help you promote your business.

We can raise awareness of the important work you do, increase the number of contracts you hold with buyers and maximise your company profits so you can continue to advance medical science for the benefit of the sick and disabled. Chits can provide lots of digital marketing solutions for you:

An Award Winning Website

Our web design team can create the perfect website to showcase your medical products and their features. Your project manager would work with you to decide which features you most need. Examples include:

  • An online catalogue of your technological and medical devices
  • Technology themed graphics
  • Video demonstrations of how each product works and the benefits it brings
  • A quote app so potential customers can request an estimate
  • Infographics to inform customers about your products and encourage them to read the text on your site
  • Customer testimonials with photographs
  • A prominently displayed enquiry phone number throughout the site
  • Search engine optimised – all Chits websites can be SEO optimised with keywords and phrases most used by people searching for medical technology.

Did you know that a US survey found that 29% of people look at their phone the moment they wake up? Smartphones are the new obsession and everyone is using them. All modern websites should be mobile friendly responsive websites that can be viewed easily on a smartphone or tablet device otherwise the site owner will be losing valuable visitors and sales. Chits can make sure yours is a mobile friendly website.


We can create educational webinars about your medical products.

Social Media Management

We can create a positive online presence for your company by producing a blog for you. This could contain updates on industry news and on your latest innovations. This will increase awareness of your work and boost sales.

For more information about this and other online promotional strategies for your healthcare technology business, call Chits UK.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.