Rheumatology: Digital Marketing Services

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Rheumatologists

Do you need help building a brand for your rheumatology business? If you work in the healthcare sector and would like to see more patients and have more repeat bookings, then Chits UK are the experts who can help.

We are Internet specialists with a focus on professional healthcare marketing and we have been creating promotional campaigns for consultants and surgeons in every speciality since 2004. We can assist you in reaching more people who would benefit from your services, and we can increase your practice profits.

Ways in which we can help you include:

Brand Awareness

We can design a logo that reflects your practice and that potential clients will recognise and associate with your services. If you need stationary and business cards these can also be styled with the same logo. We can help develop a strong branding for any products or treatments you provide to strengthen your practice’s reputation.

Consultant or Clinic Website

Our talented web designers can create a website that communicates the ethos of your practice while providing a useful educational tool for patients. Chits sites can be mobile-friendly websites that are easily viewed on a mobile phone or tablet and can be search engine optimised, containing keywords relevant to your profession that will help people looking for rheumatology services to find you.

Other features on your website could include a patient information library with articles on arthritis, drug treatments and surgery, embedded videos about your practice facilities, an email service so patients can contact you online, downloadable new patient forms and questionnaires and an online booking service, to name a few.

Digital to Print Advertising

Chits recognises the power of advertising in newspapers and magazines, but we’ve come up with a modern twist and can create artwork that can be used in email advertising and in traditional printed format.

Email Marketing

We can create your email marketing campaign and send emails to current and prospective patients to advise them of special offers, open days or any other news from your clinic.

For more information about how we can promote your rheumatology clinic, call Chits today.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.