Respiratory Medicine

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Respiratory Consultants and Specialists

If you work in respiratory medicine and want to increase the number of clients in your practice, Chits UK can help you. We are Internet specialists with a primary focus on professional healthcare marketing and we have assisted doctors, surgeons, pharmacists and other healthcare practitioners in promoting their practices since 2004. We have created award winning consultant websites, online advertising campaigns, medical blogs and stylish digital to print email and magazine advertisements.

Why Should My Respiratory Clinic Have a Website?

All staff working in the professional healthcare sector should have a website and use the Internet as a tool for publicising their clinic. Why? The vast majority of the British public use the Internet every day and one of the most common activities that they engage in is searching for health information. In fact, people are more likely to turn to the Internet when looking for medical advice than they are to ask a friend or family member. Many will do health searches before deciding to visit the doctor.

With medical journal studies available at the push of a button, more and more patients are becoming highly informed and choosy about the type of care they want to receive. Some are using doctor review sites and actively selecting the practitioner they want a consultation with. Because of this it’s very important to showcase your practice through a website and to successfully manage your online reputation.

What is Included in a Chits Website?

Your Chits website can have:

  • Respiratory medicine themed graphics
  • Patient information pages about respiratory diseases and their treatment
  • Respiratory news pages updated by us to keep your site visitors coming back for more
  • ‘Virtual tour’ video of your practice so patients can ‘visit’ before they book an appointment
  • Email service so patients can contact you at a time convenient to them
  • SEO optimisation – Keywords will be placed throughout the site so that people searching for those terms will be able to find you
  • Mobile friendly design – your site will be a fully responsive website that can be viewed on any media, whether that be a desktop, smartphone, tablet, iPad or other mobile device.

To get started with your respiratory clinic website, contact Chits today.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.