Promotional Services for Your Nephrology Clinic

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Nephrologists

Do you need a new promotional campaign for your nephrology clinic? In the age of the Internet, patients have become more demanding over the treatment they want and the clinic they want to visit. This is due to the abundance of medical websites available and the fact that lay people can download medical information in an instant. This has made acquiring patients and keeping them more challenging for the medical profession.

With the majority of the population using the Internet every day and with 5% of the British public having some degree of reduction in kidney function, the Internet provides an excellent opportunity for nephrologists to promote their practice, gain new patients and save more lives.

Chits UK are Internet specialists with an interest in professional healthcare marketing and we have created award winning websites, advertising campaigns and mobile applications for doctors and their patients. We can help patients find you and increase the number of appointments and repeat bookings you receive.

Some of the ways we can promote your practice include:

Creating a Consultant Website

with features such as downloadable nephrology leaflets, regularly updated nephrology news, embedded videos, virtual clinic tour, email communication for patients and educational infographics.

Creating a Mobile Application

Mobile health applications are becoming increasingly popular and many patients download healthy living apps such as exercise and diet apps. With an expert Chits advisor, you can have your own nephrology app developed for patient and doctor use. Nephrology apps can measure urinary protein excretion or creatine clearance or help with the diagnosis of a patient. Applications for doctor’s administrative use can also be designed to make your professional life easier.

Creating a Nephrology Blog

Having a positive online presence is a way of gaining followers, increasing your number of patients and maintaining a improved reputation.

Email Marketing

Automated emails with education messages or special offers from your clinic can be sent to your current patients and previous enquirers so that your services will reach more people. Email advertising is more effective than paper advertising which may be thought of as ‘junk mail’ and discarded.

To discuss how we can help promote your nephrology clinic, contact Chits today.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.