Promotion for Your Paediatrics Clinic

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Paediatricians

If you are thinking of having a promotional campaign to highlight the work of your paediatrics practice, Chits UK is the number one choice for all your medical digital marketing solutions.

The majority of people use the Internet every day and one of the most common Internet activities is searching for health information and looking at doctor websites. As 7.3% of UK children are disabled, some of these searches will be made by parents of children with disabilities who are looking at the medical care options available to them. As the work of a paediatrician centres around babies and children who are affected by disabilities, cancer, childhood diabetes and other disorders, it makes sense to have a strong online presence to attract such parents to your practice.

We can help you reach more children in need, increase your number of appointment bookings and keep families returning to you. We are professional healthcare marketing experts who have been helping healthcare professionals and patients find each other since 2004. When you entrust your practice promotion to Chits, your project manager can provide one or many marketing solutions for you. Some examples are:

A Consultant/Clinic Website

We can design a website to showcase your paediatrics practice, with patient friendly features like educational infographics to make the site visually appealing, baby and child themed graphics, an information library where parents can access reputable medical advice on baby care, minor childhood illnesses, disabilities, inherited disorders and other issues affecting the health of children, a virtual tour video of your practice, and an email service so parents can contact you online.

Our sites are responsive websites and can be viewed on any device. So, even if your client is a busy mum out and about with her toddler, she can still navigate around your site easily on a mobile phone.

Harnessing Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are valuable avenues for promoting your clinic, gaining followers and increasing word of mouth referrals. We can help you set up a blog for your practice and use online advertising too.

Banner Ads

Using pay per click advertising is an effective way to drive people to your site.

For more information on promoting your paediatric clinic, call Chits UK.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.