Project Management

  • Benefit from CHITS’ long experience of successful project execution
  • We work to plan, deliver by the due date, and come in on budget
  • Our aim is to assure quality AND vision, and to execute with impact

At the heart of the CHITS offering is our experience of project management. Defined as an organised approach to guiding a programme from inception to completion, CHITS combines our creative capabilities with more than 15 years’ experience of getting it right. And what does this look like?

In short: exercising our logistical and process execution skills in support of the objectives of a matchless range of clients across the UK health services industry.

Project Management for Healthcare Websites

It starts – as it always starts – with the strategy, as outlined in our section on Planning. Our commitment to aligning strategic objectives with execution means that our project management team retains throughout the process a keen concern for delivering against agreed objectives: building a brand, or raising awareness, or increasing revenues, or building the best health app that ever was. And when it comes to executing against that strategy, our motto is simple:

We deliver on time, on budget – every time.

How do we do this? Successful project management rarely happens by accident. For us, it is built upon our own “point-to-point methodology” that sets out clearly who is to do what by when, against an agreed budget and timetable. Before the process is underway, we have understood your needs, agreed a project specification, budget and timeline; and then we develop outline designs to serve as a sense check against your creative vision.

As the project moves into development, whatever it is – website, mobile phone app, social media campaign – we remain critically aware of the emerging “feel” of the project.

To the QA, we add VA. As the project progresses, of course we test for Quality Assurance, making sure that it works to plan. In addition to the care and attention to functional detail, however, the life we breathe into the project depends upon the critical element of “vision assurance”. With regard to its essential nature, is the project’s DNA aligned with the project’s established objectives?

Our three-stage launch process begins with a soft-launch date at which the project goes live but discreetly online, to be tested for operational stability. We proceed to a hard launch at which your colleagues, peers and clients are alerted to the project, providing them with a vital opportunity to provide early feedback ahead of the final, public phase, when the broader marketing of our project takes over.

And finally, we continue to work with our clients to track and manage the results.