• Focusing on your clients is the foundation for planning success
  • CHITS’ experience encompasses single-practice GPs and hospitals
  • Planning aims for impact but within constraints of what’s possible

As a picture of your business and its potential begins to emerge from your market research, the next critical stage means identifying the marketing strategy that will be most effective in reaching and engaging with your customers. This planning stage is vital in aligning what you know about your business and what you have learned about your market with a clear sense of what you might most realistically achieve. 

You do not want to Fail Big, nor do you want to starve yourself over time through ambitions that are too modest, margins that are too tight, or a message to your market that fails to communicate the wow you can deliver.

CHITS works with its clients in a wide number of ways to determine what marketing strategy will be best to deliver on your vision. On a more detailed level, we agree the tactics that will be most effective in delivering against that strategy.

What are the elements of the marketing mix that will be most effective at reaching the greatest number of ideal customers, and doing so as efficiently as possible? How will these work in combination to optimal effect? What targets or performance indicators will signal how close we come to achieving our objectives, and how will we adjust our approach if changes become necessary.

In short: how will we know what success looks like?

Close cooperation at the execution stage is the cornerstone of all successful marketing collaborations. At CHITS we take pride in a resolute and calm professionalism that sets out clear parameters for action based upon pre-agreed responsibilities and processes, with accountabilities and timelines that are transparent and accessible to all. There is a clear and detailed awareness of the skills and resources available via the dynamic combination of client, CHITS and any third-party supplier.

Completing the planning loop is our expertise of, and experience in, project controls. With pre-agreed targets, measurement protocols and reporting procedures in place, we can apply the full armoury of digital reporting analytics and user experience reviews to ensure that our client’s marketing objectives have the best possible chance of success.