Patient Acquisition and Retention

Patient engagement is the key to acquiring and keeping new patients. Attracting them to your practice and having them choose you instead of another healthcare provider is only the first step in increasing your client base. After you have had the initial consultation there is still work to be done to retain new clients so they don’t look elsewhere.

So, how do you keep clients coming back to your practice again and again? The key to patient retention is having a connection with your patients.

Research shows that patients who feel listened to are more likely to book subsequent consultations. Providers who spend less time on paperwork have more receptive clients who report a better doctor-patient relationship.

The behaviour of the modern patient has also changed in recent decades. Today’s patient is much savvier than his 1980’s counterpart. Patients use the Internet to find information about illnesses and treatments before seeing a healthcare professional. They also use the Internet to help them choose a medical provider that fits their needs and ideally suits their requirements.

Chits UK is one of the leading professional healthcare digital marketing companies in the UK. We can help your practice, clinic or hospital get more clients and keep them.

Website Design

We can design a modern, responsive website to showcase your practice and medical speciality, as well as provide trusted healthcare information that your patients can refer to. If this information is regularly updated, patients will feel more involved in their own care and will keep coming back to your site to read more. Responsive websites that fill patient needs are more likely to result in referrals.

Mobile Websites

Designing your site so its mobile phone friendly will increase the number of visits to your site and the number of appointments.

Social Media Marketing

Using social media to impart health information is a proven way to attract interest.

Search Engine Marketing

We can also create pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation campaigns to help you develop your clinic’s brand and gain more patients.

Healthcare Mobile Apps

Now is the time to create your own community and, whether this comprises your patients, referral network or other healthcare providers, Chits are here to help. Ask us how – now!


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.