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Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Pathologists

Do you want to demystify pathology to the public? If you’re a pathologist working in tissue culture diagnostics or you’re working hard to identify biomarkers for disease and you would like to share your research with others, you can highlight the importance of the pathology field with your own website.

You could use your pathology website both to showcase your department and to publicise important news such as new drug discoveries or preventative measures for cancer.

Pathologists were once invisible in the eyes of patients as they work mainly ‘behind the scenes’ – but modern patients are better informed consumers and gain increased access to their medical records and medical information via the Internet, so more patients are asking for consultations with their pathologist to discuss findings. A website would embrace consumer demand for informed consent and give your field of medicine the publicity it deserves.

Chits UK are professional healthcare digital marketing experts who have assisted pathologists and doctors in promoting their work, gaining more customers and maximising their profits. We could do the same for you. An award winning Chits website can have features tailored to your specifications, including:

  • Pathology themed graphics
  • Pathology news articles
  • Patient access to pathology research articles
  • Patient information leaflets – for instance, explaining skin biopsies or the importance of smear tests
  • Embedded videos showing the work that you do or explaining various diagnostic tests
  • An email service so your patient can contact you directly with queries about his test results. This interaction may reduce distress in patients with cancer
  • A patient portal where patients can securely access their medical records and read their test results.

All Chits websites can be search engine optimised – we use keywords and phrases that consumers are most likely to use when searching for a pathology related subject. This makes it easier for patients to find your site. Chits create mobile websites that can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets and iPads as well as the traditional desktop computer. This will increase the number of visits to your site and may increase enquiries from the public about your work.

For more information about how Chits could help you, call us for a chat.