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The number of live births in England was 723,165 for 2010 – in fact, the UK has one of the highest total fertility rates in Europe, with an average of 2.0 children per woman, making work for obstetrics and gynaecology practices throughout the country. Previous generations of pregnant women just went to their local obstetrics unit but today’s mothers-to-be are choosier and know what kind of pregnancy and birth they want to have. This makes it vital for obstetricians to promote their practice and create a positive online presence.

Chits UK – One of the UK’s foremost professional healthcare marketing companies – can help you by formulating an effective online advertising for your obstetrics clinic. We supply:

Custom-Designed Consultant Websites

Our award winning medical websites can include pregnancy-related graphics, a pregnancy and birth information library for expectant mums, videos showing birth suite facilities, online ultrasound scan booking system, email and messenger communication options so patients can contact you, attractive infographics on newborn care and any other obstetrics / gynaecology news you would like to share.

Obstetrics Blog

Chits can create a blog for you to write about pregnancy issues. Research shows that if potential patients make a connection with you and like your ethos, they are likely to make repeat visits to your site, more likely to make enquiries and that this can lead to an increased number of bookings. A personable doctor is so important, particularly in a field like obstetrics.

Email Marketing

Targeted emails can be sent to your current patients and to previous enquirers. You can use automated emails to communicate practice news and special offers like reductions on scan photographs or the Harmony test. As the group receiving the emails have a high amount of interest in the subject, this method of marketing has a high response rate.

Brand Awareness

Chits can help promote brand awareness for 4D scans, diagnostic tests, conception vitamins, planned caesarean or any other product or service that you provide by creating distinctive graphic design and a unique logo that clients will recognise and associate with your practice.

For all your obstetrics marketing needs, call Chits today.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.