Need More Patients?

As a dedicated healthcare professional we understand that your first priority is patient care and you may not have the time for advertising or promoting your practice. That’s where Chits UK can help.

If you would like to increase the number of your patients, increase your client referrals or just have a better two-way dialogue with your patients, then we can assist you in achieving this.

Chits are digital marketing specialists with years of experience in the online marketing field – particularly within the professional healthcare sector. We can redesign your website to make it more attractive to people requiring your services. First impressions are important and could influence whether a patient chooses you or another healthcare professional.

We can also help you market your product brand or medical speciality and communicate with your clients through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Understanding customer motivation will enable you to meet their needs more efficiently. Social media brings the opportunity for a two-way dialogue that could enhance the reputation of your practice and encourage new patients to choose your clinic or hospital for their treatment.

Search engine optimisation of your website is another way you can drive more people to your website and through your doors. By identifying specific keywords that your patients might use, patients looking for a practice like yours will easily find you.

Chits offer professional healthcare marketing and responsive websites design services that can help you and your clients find each other online and with our fast and effective marketing campaigns and your medical expertise, you can be confident in acquiring and retaining your new clients.

We work with trusted Internet companies such as Google and Yahoo to showcase your services seven days a week and we can teach you how to make the most of the Internet and promote your hospital, clinic or consulting rooms with maximum impact. Examples of how to use the Internet so it works for you include

  • devising pay-per-click campaigns for your practice
  • having email campaigns that target people who are potentially interested in the services you provide
  • creating a custom-designed, responsive website that is easy to navigate on a mobile phone or tablet, so your clients can book their check-ups and appointments while they are out and about

The ability of clients to access appointments on the go and without the need for a laptop or desk computer is an important factor that will help increase your case load and the viability of your practice.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.