Logo Design

  • Bad logos are a useless vanity; good logos adorn strong businesses
  • The creative process reflects deeper questions about your values
  • Our history in strong logo design means we know what works

If the business of a good website is to promote a good business, a strong logo will serve as a badge for that website. It tells a story at a glance: a story that communicates the creative energy behind the business – whether it is a single doctor or the marketing department of a large hospital group.  And the message it conveys is clear and inspiring:

Logo Design London

A prospective customer will feel that their needs are being anticipated. The website is laying the foundation of a useful and enduring partnership, and the logo is a symbol of that hope. It distinguishesthe provider’s business and its service offering from all other providers in the market.Getting a logo right is especially important in our digital age, where it must be robust and graphically flexible enough to work equally well on multiple platforms of all sizes. Thinking through the creative process is vital, encompassing considerations of both attractiveness and function.

CHITS are proud to have been associated with the conception and evolution of many logos– many of them now established for leading names in the healthcare industry. Where the process of creation works best it is far more than a cosmetic exercise in choosing shapes and colours. It can be hard work but, when it works, the end product has a value beyond reckoning simply because of the process by which it came to be.

How do we create a logo?

First of all, “we” are not a band of design and techno-geeks holed up in a studio attic. CHITS has an established and proud history of working actively with many of the pioneers in health marketing and patient communications, and we know what has worked best over this time in creating effective websites and the logos that adorn them.

Your CHITS project manager will work with you and your team in establishing a feel for your business, its values and its key objectives. And we address the key issues:

  • How do you identify your ideal customers, and the ideal users of your website?
  • How would you characterise the ideal relationship you have with these people?
  • What are the fundamental measures of success for your website? Why have it?

Devising a logo is not distinct from the process by which a good business comes to know itself, understand its customers, and thrive as a result. It emerges naturally from this process as the foundation stones for the business are set down.

The logo represents your promise to your customers, present and future. Your website will engage with those customers as the relationship gets underway, while you, your team and the wider business set about delivering on that promise.

Logos can communicate your business in a glance: check out our portfolio here.