Landing Pages

"People coming to your website need to find information quickly … or they will leave"

Traditional websites have a home page to welcome the viewer to the site and all other pages follow on from that and aren’t designed to be used as stand-alone pages.

As website design has evolved and the public demand for user friendly websites has increased, web designers are creating websites where every page is a potential landing page that can function like a home page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any page on your website that receives visitors from other sites or a search engine such as Google. It’s an entry point for a specific section of a website. The landing page will be designed to receive specific visitors who are interested in the subject content on the page and the page will be worded in a way that entices visitors to take action, for instance, to purchase a product or make an appointment. As these types of pages often result in sales or new referrals, they can also be called lead capture pages.

Our graphics team are highly experienced in capturing your message and presenting it in an effective manner on your landing page.

As web viewers are usually interested in the website page they have landed on – as they clicked on the page in the first place – you will have a larger group of visitors who are happy with what they find on your site and who want to make further enquiries.

Attracting Patients with Landing Pages

This marketing strategy can be applied to a professional healthcare provider to increase the traffic to your site as well as the number of appointment bookings. Typically, you would design a landing page for each major condition or treatment that you offer.

If you would like to try this method for your medical practice, please contact Chits UK.

We will assign you your own project manager who will arrange an initial meeting with you to discuss your aims for the practice and what you hope to achieve. When your goals have been established, we can develop a marketing plan that integrates several different strategies to bring you new clients, including landing pages.