Gynaecology clinics and consultants
Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for Gynaecologists

If you’re a gynaecologist who needs digital marketing solutions to publicise your practice, Chits UK can help. We are Internet specialists, established in 2004 to provide professional healthcare marketing plans for doctors, consultants, clinics and private hospitals.

The majority of people use the Internet every day and many of them use it to make medical searches and look up troubling symptoms or gain reassurance over a health problem that is worrying them. The seventh and eighth most popular web searches are ‘sexually transmitted infections’ and ‘ovulation’ - topics of interest in gynaecology. This makes the Internet a valuable marketing resource for any well woman practice.

Our skilled and highly experienced team at Chits can create your own gynaecology website with lots of features:

  • Healthy women graphics
  • An online library of information on sexual health, female cancers, genital infections, painful periods and other subjects of interest to women
  • A patient portal so that women can securely access their health records such as medication dosing instructions and smear test results
  • Educational infographics to inform women and make your website fun and visually appealing
  • Videos showing the practice facilities or operative procedures
  • An email application and online messenger service so patients can contact you outside of appointments
  • Search engine optimisation – your Chits websites can be search engine optimised and feature keywords or  phrases that your potential patients will use to search for a gynaecologist. This helps connect you with people who are interested in receiving care from you and it increases your ranking so you appear higher up in the search results pages
  • Mobile friendly – Chits create responsive websites that can adapt to whatever device they are viewed on so potential patients can see the page clearly whether they are using a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Mobile websites need minimal re-sizing and scrolling, providing a smoother navigation experience.

Chits also manage other digital promotions that can benefit your gynaecology practice, such as helping you start a professional blog to boost your online presence and gather a group of loyal patients, email marketing campaigns and pay per click advertising. To set up a meeting with a Chits consultant, call us today.