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Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for General Medicine Consultants and Specialists

There’s no doubt about it, in the 21st century most people are embracing the technological revolution with enthusiasm and the majority of the population use the Internet every day and own mobile devices and computers. They can shop for clothes online, order takeaways, download movies and more. Making web searches to find medical information is also increasingly popular and today’s patients can ‘Google’ their doctor and write reviews about him/her on doctor review sites such as iWantGreatCare and Trustpilot easily and instantly.

This is why it’s so important for doctors to have a consultant website and a positive online presence to promote their practice. If you work in general medicine, Chits UK can create a website and an effective online marketing strategy for your clinic. There are lots of advantages to having your own website and an established web presence:

A Website is a Showcase for Your Clinic

You can use your website to communicate the philosophy of your practice to patients. You can also add photographic images of your clinic and consultants so patients and their relatives can see the facilities before they visit. Many patients choose the practice they want to see and base their decision on good reviews and word of mouth recommendations.

A Website is an Educational Resource for your Patients

You can provide trusted medical information on your site about topics in general medicine such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart failure and venous thromboembolism. Health information online is not always verified or accurate so by providing this service to your patients you are ensuring they receive reputable healthcare advice.

Regularly Updated Information Leads to Patient Loyalty

Regularly updated online health information will keep your patient engaged and they will be more likely to stay with your practice and not change to another provider. Chits have developed many unique “plug-in” modules for your website that will allow clients to interact and engage with you easily. Need to know more? Email or give us a call on 020 8381 3000.

Digital Communication

Depending on the features you choose, your website could have an email facility for patients to use to contact you or an online messenger service. Patients with serious illness and their families may need more reassurance and being able to communicate via the computer can make booking an appointment easier.

To get started, call Chits the Internet specialists - experts in professional healthcare marketing – and we will create a stylish and practical general medicine website for you.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.