ENT/Otolaryngology – Ear, Nose and Throat

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions for ENT/Otolaryngologists

Chits UK are proud to be the provider of responsive websites for doctors, consultants, surgeons and other medical practitioners. As long-standing Internet specialists we have a superior reputation for creating professional healthcare marketing campaigns for the medical sector.

There are lots of reasons why your ENT practice should have a consultant website and a strong online presence.

People Look Online for Health Information

43% of adults resident in the UK search the Internet when they have symptoms of ill health so having a quality health information resource on your speciality of medicine is a way that you can provide trusted health advice for web viewers. It also means that prospective patients who are looking for ear, nose and throat advice may find your website and be compelled to make an enquiry or an appointment.

More than Half of People Use Medical Apps

58% of the UK adult population use mobile healthcare applications on their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Apps like symptom sharing programmes, healthy diet and exercise programmes are popular. There are also mobile apps for hearing loss and other topics of interest in the ENT field.

Patients can use apps to monitor certain health problems and send the data to their doctor. Currently, 6.3% of adults use health apps so their doctor can review their biometric data remotely.

Chits UK can help you gain more patients by harnessing this public love of technology. In addition to creating a mobile website for your practice, you can have your own ear, nose and throat smartphone app that your patients can download and use to improve their health awareness.

The Rise in Popularity of the ‘Virtual’ Doctor

Providing the option of email contact or online chat with your prospective patients could increase your business. 4.4% of adults have used email to communicate with a doctor and a further 4.0% use an online chat facility to have a consultation with their doctor. Another 5.1% have spoken to their doctor via video link.

Chits understand professional healthcare marketing and can assist in the acquisition and retention of new clients to grow your practice.

For more information about consultant websites, mobile apps, search engine optimisation and email marketing for your ENT practice, contact Chits UK or why not visit us and have a coffee with Chits where we will review your requirements in detail complimentarily.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.