Design To Print Services

At Chits UK we don’t underestimate the power of traditional media and we can offer you expert advice and planning for your newspaper or magazine advertising campaign. We can design innovative and modern practice leaflets, brochures and clinical stationary to get your clinic noticed and help you make contact with your chosen customer group.

Printed media are still sought after by potential consumers for lots of reasons. Sitting at the coffee table, thumbing through a brochure is so much more real and tangible than merely obtaining the information online and this can enrich your client’s purchase experience by adding in textures and smells such as the feel and scent of the paper. Vivid inks and appealing glossy photographs can seem to look better on paper.

Design To Print Services

Businesses that use printed publications for advertising are also more likely to be trusted and thought of as a professional organisation. This is because magazine advertising and similar print campaigns are comparatively expensive so the businesses that utilize this method of publicity are seen as well established. Another reason is that people don’t always believe what they read on the Internet or know if the information is current and printed media provides more reassurance.

Having a printed campaign also means that it could reach the 11% of the population who never use the Internet.

There’s no denying, however, the huge popularity of the Internet and accessing information via smartphones. 76% of adults in the UK access the Internet every day and of those, 74% bought goods and services online.

The most successful medical practices don’t choose one or the other method of advertising. They use both. New digital printing combines the tried and tested advantages of traditional print with the Internet and mobile technology.

Chits UK can produce artwork for your flyers that is ideal to print and can just as easily be viewed on a tablet, iPad or mobile phone so that your message has maximum impact. Our designs and text are always adaptable to any media so they reach more people. Having an effective website together with brochures, leaflets and professional printed advertising can increase the number of enquiries your clinic receives and the number of new patients who come through your door.

A professional healthcare marketing manager can work with you to develop some conceptual ideas and create designs to reflect what your practice stands for and will take you through to the finished product.

To kick start your printed campaign, call us today.