How do you write unique content when there is so much information out there?

18th July 2019 Viktoria Stoykova Content Marketing, SEO, Websites 0 Comments

Unique ContentThe key to good SEO is that the content on the website is of value to the visitor. This is achieved through ensuring that the topic, language and communication of the website is unique, authentic & informative.

In an era where information is available literally at our fingertips, a gentle tap of a mousepad & we have access to millions of results – yet not all of it beneficial. Much of the content out there is mainly clutter, fluff or meaningless pages of information put together with the sole purpose to try and get on the top of a search engine.

So, how do you stand out? How do you put together a website which reaps the benefits of being on the first page of search engines, yet remains true to the core foundations of your business?

Simple! – Only you can create authentic content for your website.

The word authentic means “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine”. Your experience, knowledge and expertise within the field of your business is unique. This is where your authentic content will come from.

There is nobody out there in the world who has experienced life the way you have, there is not another person out there who can see the world through your perspective and that is the gold which is missing in much of our overloaded web-library.

Many people underestimate the power of their experience, professionals with over 20 or 30 years within fields such as medicine, construction, education, even digital rely on their marketing agency, or content writers to give them the magic formula in delivering unique content, yet the secret ingredient – your expertise, is not something which can be added so easily by a third party.

Just like everywhere else in the world, it is important to remain authentic if you want your brand to be recognised for the quality of work you provide. A strategic businessman/ woman would never go into a sales meeting and quote the work of a completely different company, just so they have something to say. Yet, many of us assume that doing it online has no consequences – but it does, it has great consequences, driving us directly into the pool of competition without an ounce of authenticity or something that differentiates us just a little bit from the mass.

Many think that unique content is just a “nice-to-have”, but if you want to develop a web-presence that has authority and is respected, then your website content is key.

And so, how do you write unique content? Write it from your experience, from your perspective, from your heart – where the idea of your business originated. All of that amalgamated together will guarantee you content which cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, content that is unique, authentic, and perfectly in line with your business.

Chits consider online marketing to be a useful tool to increase your branding & market exposure in a responsible & relevant manner. Unique content goes hand in hand with responsible marketing as this relays your thoughts, ideas & methodologies to a captive audience – who is better in doing this – us or you?

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