Keeping Positive Whilst Working From Home

5th May 2020 Nitesh Joshi Building Your Healthcare Business, Healthcare Business, Internet Marketing Tags: , 0 Comments

We hope all is well, you are settling in and enjoying the benefits of remote working from home. This weeks blog post will continue on the theme of positivity, with a specific focus on how to remain productive and engaged whilst working from home.

Before delving into the topic, may we take this opportunity to thank all of our Professional Healthcare clients currently working on the frontline to help Coronavirus patients through both their physical & mental stresses. If there is anything we can do to help during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Chits Top Tips For Remote Working:

Working from home can be challenging both for companies managing their remote workers and the individual trying to work whilst distractions and various other issues emerge. In order to ease the transition to remote working, Chits have put together a list of top tips to help you navigate through this new experience.

1. Ensure Your Communications & Connectivity are Top Notch

Are your camera, speakers, microphone and various computer systems set up and tested? Make sure you can easily jump on a conference call where you can be seen and heard


2. Keep in Touch Regularly

Hold frequent team meetings to keep in touch with your colleagues. Schedule specific timeslots to discuss non-work related items and come together as a team to check-in on all members.  Avoid too many ad-hoc meetings, the last thing we need is to be disturbed when thinking a situation through.

3. Stay Mobile & Hydrated

Regularly stand up from your chair, walk around and stretch throughout the day. Simple eye exercises such as observing objects near & far away are great for keeping your eyes healthy – even they (your eyes) don’t want to be fixed to a screen all day! In addition to regular movement, staying hydrated is key to remaining focused and healthy. Keep a large glass of water next to you & sip away throughout the day.

4. Enjoy Your Work

Make the most of each day – consider starting / completing projects which have been firmly pushed to the back of your mind. Now is a good time to focus on tasks which you previously didn’t have time to fit in. During this down period, it is key to prioritise work which excites you and has the potential to bring a lot of benefit to your business both now and in the future. Why not consider updating your website? Check or refresh the content, images & videos – after all this what your clients are seeing. Contact us if you need our help – that’s what we are here for!

5. Add Some Character to Your Work Area

Make your workspace your own – you could play background music, light fragrance candles, invest in a comfortable chair or add another screen. Set up your workspace so that it is comfortable and enjoyable after all you are spending 8+ hours a day there.

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