How websites can produce revenue?

10th September 2019 Nitesh Joshi Blogging, Building Your Healthcare Business, Healthcare Business, Mobile Websites, Websites 1 Comment

We all know that it is a fact, websites create revenue – simply look around at online shops such as Amazon, Apple, Ocado & many others to see the proof. We live in a society which requires everything on our fingertips and what better way to deliver products than on a mobile app, or within an internet browser.

A well-built, user-friendly website can be the main deliverer of revenue for a business. The mechanics and usability of the website can knock off competition fearlessly, however our experience has taught us that a revenue generating website does not just come about by chance. Usually it requires many people & in larger companies – many teams to manage every part of it: content, product, optimisation and GUI-Graphical User Interface teams (to name a few) all work closely together to give the prospective client an enjoyable & easy experience when buying from the site (key traits to make sure a purchase is complete).

Their responsibilities include displaying clear, targeted messages within the site, maintaining a status quo between content & product information, ensuring navigation pathways lead to quick & easy checkouts. Useful “drilling” technologies embedded within the website permit visitors to determine what & how much information they require to make their purchasing decision.

Remember, everything on an active e commerce shopping site is geared around selling you products. Nothing is ever taken for granted and copious hours of marketing time is frequently poured into delivering sales regularly & consistently.

Knowing your customers is crucial in designing a pathway that will be helpful, informative and make the process easy. The key is in knowing what your customers are looking for and then making the process of purchase as seamless and simple as possible.

How often have you exited a site because the messages have been just too pushy and you don’t want to engage with it or give revenue to somebody who is obviously just after your money?

The fundamentals of ethical marketing is to not bombard your customers with pushy messages, but design a process which will make them feel in control of their decision.

To do so, it is important to take the following aspects into consideration:

Solid infrastructure:

Does your menu & purchase pathway make logical sense? Nobody likes to go back and forth trying to find out the checkout basket. Are your products grouped in a way which is easy to understand and are your complimentary products easy to link (hugely important for up-selling).


Is the information on your website accurate and up to date? A website which was update in 2016 is not reliable, the information is outdated and customers may assume that what is on there is no longer valid, quickly clicking to your competitors.


Nobody can tell you the behaviours of your clients better than your website, what they prefer to see & the pages they engage with the most. We use a “HotJar” tool which tells us exactly where our clients are looking when they go on the website. This is useful because it helps us maximise the use of our pages & therefore deliver results.

Another way to gain information is to have short surveys scattered through your website, to gain as much information from the people who are visiting.

Simplicity is the key

The less steps to checkout there are, the less distractions and points of doubt. Make it as easy as a 3-click step & many people will be thankful.

Respect each visitor

Embrace them & they will return / alienate them & they will return…with their review!

It is important that your website is useful, tailored to your audience and brings value to every person who clicks on it. If you invest in making a website which is well planned, designed and developed you are most likely to generate revenue. If you rush the process & think that any old thing will do then odds are that your revenue will not be breaking any records.

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