Positive News Stories Related to COVID-19

20th April 2020 Tilak Blogging Tags: , , , 0 Comments

In light of all the news and headlines related to Coronavirus. Chits have consolidated a list of positive news stories related to COVID-19 to lift our spirits. These have been fact-checked by our team with some links attached for further information.

Staying positive during this time is key to overcoming even the hardest of challenges.

(1) 170,000 NHS volunteers in 15 hours:

Volunteers sign up in the hundreds of thousands to help the NHS. The NHS Medical Director announced that they had received over 170,000 applications in 15 hours. More Here

(2) Experimental Vaccine: 

The first participant in a clinical trial against COVID-19 has received an experimental dose in Seattle. More Here

(3) China’s new cases plummet:

China has now closed down its last temporary hospital built to handle COVID-19. They have confirmed that there are not enough new cases to warrant them. More Here

(4) 103 year old full recovery:

A 103-year-old Iranian woman has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being in hospital for a week, becoming the oldest patient to beat the disease. More Here

(5) Fitness Influencers Helping Parents:

Instagram and Facebook fitness influencers are streaming free live PE lessons for children across the country to join in at home. More Here

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive.

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