Everybody wins

28th January 2020 Viktoria Stoykova Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, Video Marketing 0 Comments

In a world where everybody wants to be on top of the search engines, have millions of likes and thousands of followers (at least) how can we put out content which holds integrity and is respectful of our receivers?

Simple – keep the ethos of your brand, live what you advertise & don’t get wrapped up by numbers.

Statistics can be manipulated to show you an unrealistic picture, numbers can be used to sell you something which may not be true.

So, what’s the point of marketing? – You may ask…

The point of marketing is to establish a brand and online presence so the receivers of this build an association, get to know how you do business and what you can offer.

The online world is an amazing platform to offer your services and reach people who genuinely are in need. Many of us use search engines to find answers to our deepest questions, those searches can be used to bring us to real people who have experience and knowledge in the field; sell products or are working on ideas which may help us find answers, simplify our lives or overcome something.

Marketing should never be about hooking and manipulating people into purchasing your products. It is a tool to introduce you to those who may be interested.

Good marketing will bring you closer to those who are genuinely interested and the conversion will be natural, no push, no pull, no lies & no loss of integrity for yourself or your brand.

Everybody wins.

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