Banking, Insurance and Finance Services to the Professional Healthcare Sector

Professional Healthcare Websites and Digital Solutions

If you run a healthcare finance company and you’re looking promote your company better to the professional healthcare industry, Chits UK are the Internet specialists you can trust.

We provide digital marketing solutions for all members of the healthcare sector including doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, alternative therapists, providers of medical courses and financiers like you. We can help you obtain more contracts from hospitals, clinics and other organisations from the sector by using the Internet as a promotional medium. Marketing options include:

Website Design

We can design and build a healthcare finance website for you. The vast majority of the population use the Internet every day and many look up services on a search engine which means that the first time a medical professional or authority sees your company is when they view your website. As first impressions are so important, you need to make sure you get the design and content right. Chits are professional healthcare marketing experts with years of experience who can make sure you have an appealing and informative site that draws customers in. Site features could include:

  • Medical finance themed graphics
  • Information pages about who you assist and how to apply
  • A loan and grant calculator app so clients will know how much financial assistance they are likely to get
  • Attractive and informative infographics
  • SEO optimised – your website can be optimised with relevant keywords placed in the text so that potential clients can find your site more easily
  • Responsive design – your site can be a mobile website that displays correctly on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Digital to Print Advertisements

Our team of graphic designers can create stunning artwork for online and email advertisements that can also be used in print media like newspapers and magazines.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We can set up your own online advertising campaign with keyword optimised pay per click adverts that will lead interested web searchers directly to your website.

Social Media Management

We can use social media to promote your business by posting on Twitter, Facebook and other forums. This will increase awareness of your finance group and increase the number of enquiries you receive.

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Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.


Keep up on our always evolving product features and technology.